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posted on 15.12.11 Google Majel Voice Recognition Software

Google Majel is the next evolution in Voice Recognition Software and Speech. Google has been hard at work for the past year working on what seems and will be called “Majel”. In other words, The Siri of Google’s Android operating system and phones. Though as it stands now, a lot of what Google’s Majel is for what hasn’t been out right said yet will be Google’s Response to Apple’s Siri. Majel is the next wave of Voice Recognition and having your Phone understand who you are, what you are, and where you are. Imagine being able to have that safety net not having to go through the patterns of “How do I say this” or “How do I write this” Majel will be your personal assistant as well as something new and cool with your Android Phone.

Majel is Google’s newest pet project and looks to be nothing short of new, even though Apple already has pushed Siri. Google’s Majel seems to be the wave of Google’s Voice projects going into the future. Even though when Google’s Majel is released it won’t be as functional as everyone thinks it will be but it will be up the sense of setting up a foundation on which Google will build off of. A lot of what Majel will be is basic from what the rumor mills are saying and what Google is letting out here and there but as time goes on and updates are made for the software itself, Majel will get better with age and time. Like a fine wine but only better. Majel is the new thing for a lot of people who aren’t switching to the Apple iPhone with Siri but will have the complete package once Google Releases Majel. I expect Google to do so with the release either a special invite only conference or showing something to the public any time soon now.

Even though Google has been quick to respond to Apple’s Siri with some bashing as has Microsoft. Google seems to have a lot of people behind the scene’s doing a lot of work and research into getting Majel out there. Even though Google’s Majel may not be the final name of it, I believe Majel suites the Android operating Voice recognition software just fine and should be what it’s called in the end and with it’s final release. Even though the name Majel is widely known as the wife of the creator of Start Trek and the voice of The computer in Start Trek. Majel also appeared through out the Star Trek series history playing many different roles but being widely known as the voice of the computer in Star Trek. A lot of Trekkie’s will be happy to know that and probably Google will gain a bigger wider audience with keeping the Name Majel as it’s voice recognition software’s name. Pretty good marketing tactic as well if your thinking of gaining more customers and people into the Android market.

I feel Majel will be as good if not better than what Apple’s Siri is. Even though Apple has probably had Siri out in the works for years and many years to work on it seeing how it wasn’t seen that having voice recognition in the sense of Siri would be available or even put on an operating system for a phone/cell phone device. Now that Apple has released Siri in all of it’s full glory it’s only obvious that Google Microsoft and others will follow suite. Much like they did when Google Released The Apple iPod Apple iPad and the Apple iPhone. So now that Apple has Siri it’s only right that Google Have Majel and Microsoft have it’s own Voice recognition software on it’s phones. Google Majel is looking to be something new something invigorating that Google seems to have a lot of people and it’s customers slash supporters backing them up behind Majel. We hope to see Majel coming soon and will be posting more about it in the coming months.

posted on 15.12.11 Google Majel Information And Review

Let’s see a big show of fleeting hands for anyone and everyone else who was and still may be a little skeptical right now and in the future of Google Android’s chief Andy Rubin. When he announced, “I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant.” Right? and we see Apple’s Siri as joke. Please Siri is another yet great example how Apple has revolutionized the Game yet again. His comment was made while he was at AllThingsD’s The AsiaD conference for Tech And New Comings from the Tech World, just a couple weeks after Apple had just unveiled the Latest iPhone, The iPhone 4S, and was a clear and simple shot at Apples’ Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant on your Apple iPhone 4S. Though Microsoft Windows Andy Lee also took the opportunity while at the conference to express a similar notion, that having a virtual assistant like Siri or Majel on your phone isn’t “super useful.” Which means Microsoft is envious of Apple And Google. Though which shouldn’t be the case but is, seeing how Google Is buying up a lot of companies that have reached their end or are failing. Seems like Google has a very Trump card up it’s sleeve and is using Majel as it’s Opening.

Though it would seem like Google isn’t just in denial of how it really feels about Apple’s Siri its real true feelings however would seem to show there ready for the challenge and it’s where Majel Comes in. According to the Android Website and Me website, The Famous Google all the while has been secretly working on a “Siri killer” being known and called in a project codenamed “Majel.” Now Majel is definitely a reference that only true Star Trek Trekkies would know, understand and recognize: Majel Barrett Roddenberry was the wife of Star Trek Owner and creator Gene Roddenberry. She was Also known as being the real original voice of the on board computer. As well as playing various spectacular roles throughout the entire series’ history. Interestingly enough, Android’s Vast User Experience Director Matias Duarte had previously¬† Stated Google’s very own approach to A Android voice action would be “more like Star Trek,” and “it’s not that there’s a personality, it doesn’t have a name, it’s just Computer.” Which makes the bound of a human experience gone like the wind. The initial release may even be here by the year’s end, but would it only include the basic functionality at first, then with more updates in future versions making it more advanced.

The rumor mill is abound with rumors and sheds a lot of light about when and why Google recently bought up The Struggling Zagat Guide, the local restaurant review site and guide maker. Which had ominous implications to other review sites like Yelp (which Google pursued previously and won in our eyes) As well as reservation service OpenTable. Just as well a few days ago, “Big G” also had acquired Clever Sense, The maker of the iOS and also Android app Alfred. Though Alfred is…you guessed it a personal assistant app that really makes personalized recommendations for restaurants and other hot local spots, in what the company is calling the “Pandora for the real world.” Though Despite Google and Microsoft’s Siri-bashing at the conference, virtual personal assistants for phones are the next big thing to hit the tech market and industry. Even Gian may be prepping up for its own offering of Personalized Assistants in the near future. Don’t be surprised though if Google releases Majel any day now even right now as your reading this article, and Microsoft and Amazon follow suite with their very own personal assistants shortly after Google Releases Majel. It goes without saying that with Siri and Majel out there it steams up some good competition between all the major players in the Tech world as it stands today.